Doran Multifamily Development

Doran Companies is redeveloping the vacant Walmart site, including demolition of the building and parking lot,  and replacing the current structure with a two-phase multiple family residential project of approximately 496 dwelling units.

Walmart Redevelopment aerial


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Contact Information

General Information
Evan Doran
Doran Senior Director of Development

Construction Inquiries
Amber Delbridge
Doran Senior Project Manager

Leasing Inquiries
Tayler Nicholson
Doran Director of Leasing

Project Updates

Week of July 27

  • Utility work has begun at the northern portion of the Finger Access Road at Silver Lake Village, connecting the Starbucks to the rest of the shopping center. This road will be closed until approximately September 1st. 
  • Additional grading and surface demolition is occurring at the same time in a portion of the northern portion of the remaining Walmart parking lot. 
  • Ongoing maintenance work is happening at Salo Park, with the Sterling Organization working on additional landscape upkeep this summer and into the fall. 

Week of March 23

  • Site fencing installation
  • Greenhouse demolition begins
  • Building regulated materials removed
  • Site and building de-energization and utility shut offs

Week of March 30

  • Demolition of building begin (continues for multiple weeks into May

  1. Proposal Details
  2. City Documents

Doran Companies is proposing to redevelop the existing Walmart site, including demolition of the building and parking lot,  and replacing the current structure with a two-phase multiple family residential project of approximately 496 dwelling units. 

Concept Plan for Walmart Redevelopment

Final Plan Set November 5, 2019

Process Timeline-Walmart Redevelopment (Exact dates to be determined)

Document Submitted City Action
Concept Plan/Sketch Plan April 30, 2019 7:00 PM-Joint Worksession Planning Commission & City Council, City initiates Environmental Assessment Worksheet (EAW)
Environmental Assessment Worksheet (EAW) Public Comment period June 3, 2019 to July 3, 2019.  July 23, 2019 City Council adopted Negative Declaration of Need for an Environmental Impact Statement. See City Documents tab above for more information.
Tax Increment Financing Application City Council worksession September 23, 2019 5:30 PM. Process parallels the land use application process listed below
Amendments to Planned Unit Development-Silver Lake Village  
PUD Preliminary Development Plan
August 20, 2019 7:00 PM-Public Hearing at Planning Commission, Planning Commission makes recommendation to  City Council, City Council makes decision regarding PUD Preliminary Development Plan September 10, 2019 at 7:00 PM.
Final Development Plan December 10, 2019-City Council will consider Approving Final Planned Unit Development Agreement, and Approving Contract for Private Redevelopment with Doran SLV, LLC. including Tax Increment Financing.
Easement Vacation & Dedication  

April 2019-The City has been approached by a development group looking to redevelop the former Walmart site. Because the site occupies a prominent location in the community, it is likely to attract the interest of a broad cross-section of the City and region. Redevelopment on large sites naturally raises questions of how a project proposal might impact public investments and infrastructure (including transportation systems and open space). The City’s Comprehensive Plan and Strategic Plan are the principal documents that lay out the policies and values that the City will use to evaluate any proposal.

The city is committed to upholding the values expressed in those documents. The most effective way to ensure that this is possible is to give all parties the opportunity to participate in the process. Finally, while this project is an important and visible one, it is just one aspect of St. Anthony Village’s life and community. No project achieves all of the City’s goals, however, it is important that every project contributes to the whole.

Toward that end, St. Anthony Village is committed to the following principles as this project is considered and reviewed:

  • Compatibility with surrounding land uses. Compatibility means scale, height, and the ability to share resources with its neighborhood.
  • Provision of adequate public infrastructure. New development must provide appropriate infrastructure, both public and private as necessary, to manage water supply, sanitary sewer service, stormwater impacts, transportation systems, open space, and any other related systems necessary to protect the surrounding area, and ensure the creation of a project that is worthy of the community for the long term.
  • Support for responsible environmental practices. Development must meet or exceed any applicable standards for environmental protection, whether those are federal, state, regional (e.g. watershed district) or local regulations. Remediation of substandard conditions may be a component of this principle.
  • A fair and open process for contributing to the process, as it relates to evaluation of the project and any related permitting. St. Anthony Village is committed to providing a wide variety of opportunities for community discourse and discussion, and will actively manage ways for members of the community to provide input, feedback, and commentary.
  • All aspects of project input, from all parties, will be evaluated in the context of how such input furthers the policies and principles of the City’s Comprehensive and Strategic Plans. It should be noted that occasionally, meetings of the City Council and other city bodies may not facilitate public discussion at that meeting. However, and unless specifically provided for by law, all forums will be open to public attendance and feedback.

With these principles in place, it is expected that any proposed redevelopment project of the Walmart site will incorporate community’s values and objectives, contributing to the achievement of St. Anthony Village’s long-term goals.