Sustainability Fair

2015 Sustainability Fair

The 2015 Sustainability Fair was held on November 19th at Silverwood Park. This free event showcased sustainable practices going on in our community while educating others on how to bring sustainability home with them. The fair was geared up for all ages to engage community members to work together protecting our natural resources and environment for a more resilient future. Together, we can change the world by sharing our knowledge and bringing diverse skills to the table.

The Third Annual Fair was created in collaboration with the University of Minnesota, the City of Falcon Heights, the City of Lauderdale, and the Three Rivers Park District.

Local vendors provided information for new resources such as tiny homes, native plants and rain gardens, sustainable energy, improving water quality, waste management, solar power, wind energy, lead detection information and more!
St. Anthony Village's 2015 Sustainability Fair
Thanks to all of our supporters and community members who attended!