Hauler Recycling Schedules

In case you forget your recycling week, view your hauler's calendar below:

A - Z Recycling Guides

Is that mysterious item recyclable? Need help disposing of clothing, shoes, toasters, paint or light bulbs? Learn how to dispose of just about anything with these easy to use recycling guides:

Why Recycle?

In 2012, the nation-wide recycling rate of 34% conserved the equivalent amount of energy contained in 11.5 billion gallons of gasoline.

Recycling also creates jobs.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The waste management hierarchy, also known as the "three Rs," suggests that most importantly, we REDUCE how much waste we produce. After reducing waste, it's important that we REUSE material without adding any type of industrial process, or energy use. If waste items cannot be reduced or reused, it's important that we RECYCLE as much as possible to prevent new material from being harvested. Pay attention to what you buy to minimize packaging waste and consider how to reuse your purchases before putting it out on the curb with your recyclables.


For businesses, a program called BizRecycling helps with starting, expanding, improving and managing business recycling for those located in Ramsey and Washington Counties. BizRecycling connects businesses with recycling experts who help identify recycling and waste reduction opportunities, as well as a recycling grant program of up to $10,000 per business to start or improve business recycling. Visit the BizRecycling website for more information.

City Recycling Bins

Watch for these recycling bins positioned throughout St. Anthony public parks.
Public City Recycling Bin
Public City Recycling Bin
Public City Recycling Bin

Where Your Trash & Recycling Goes

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Where Trash Goes
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Aspen Waste Management MRF, Pioneer Papers
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