St. Anthony Pollinator Pathway

Over the years, the city and residents have been increasingly concerned over a decrease in native pollinators. To combat these losses, it is our goal to increase natural habitat creating the Saint Anthony Pollinator Pathway.
Visit the Pledge to Plant website if you pledge to plant for pollinators and clean water!

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This year, the city received a grant from Hennepin County to add pollinator plantings to public, residential, institutional or commercial properties. To date, we helped to install 32 new gardens (5 which also function as rain gardens). Each garden is made up of a variety of native plants that bloom for different times from April through October. Check out the links below to help you plant your own pollinator garden!

Join the Blue Thumb Campaign to plant 10,000 plantings by 2020 to help protect pollinators and clean water. Click the orange button to make your pledge.

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